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Grow. Thrive. Lead.


Our Values


At Equivalent Exchange we believe that compassion is the key to effectively connecting with people regardless of how similar or different we may be. When we act with compassion our differences can be overcome, our motives understood, our goals aligned, and our relationships strengthened.


Growth is the cornerstone. By making ourselves better we give ourselves the opportunity to make our life better for us, and for those around us. By being a better version of yourself, you are then able to show others the way and help them reach heights that they didn't previously believe they could.


Integrity is the foundation of everything we do. Without integrity, growth is not truly growth, leadership becomes a lie, and success is tainted. Honesty and integrity are the backbone of genuine forward momentum.


What success looks like for each person is different. For some, it's a nice house or car. For others, it's freedom to travel, or to enjoy whatever experience calls to them. For myself, and I think many others, it is a bit of those, but also the quality of the relationships and experiences that we build with those around us. At Equivalent Exchange, we work to help individuals determine and reach their own personal version of what success means for them.


Leadership is how we impact others. We lead with our core values, and the welfare of those we lead, in mind. We lead by example. We lead to build leaders that will do the same. 

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Jacob Sellers - Founder and CEO

Founded in 2024, we build expert sales teams for our non-profit clients to personalize and connect their campaigns with our local community. We strive to build a network of strong, goal-oriented leaders focused on self-growth and driven to build up those around them. 


At Equivalent Exchange, our mission is to create a better future for the world one leader, one person, one relationship, and one conversation, at a time, and inspire those we connect with to do the same. 

Our Mission


Our Approach

Hands-on Training

System based

Community Focused

We focus on hands-on training to allow each person to learn as they go and build a strong foundation of skills.

We do this through simple systems that are adapted to each individual to effectively match each person's learning style.

We prioritize community-first engagement to personalize client's on-site campaigns and build relationships. 

Equivalent        Exchange

Grow. Thrive. Lead.

Join the team and find out who you can be!


1781 Pine Hollow Rd Suite 5

McKees Rocks, PA 15136

(412) 609-4440

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